marketing and strategy planing

Go-To-Market Strategy And International Marketing Plan

Understanding your business characteristics, your target markets abroad, your industry trends and the competition, will help you plan and budget your B2B marketing efforts, and reach your prospective customers effectively.

Locating Channel Partners

When conducting sales abroad, many B2B companies need to develop their sales channels using distributors, strategic business partners or other channel partners.

Outsourced Sales Executive

To get those first happy customers, using the services of an outsourced sales executive and marketing consultant is one the smartest moves you can make

B2B marketing infrastructure

SaaS Marketing & Sales

It can be challenging to compete with global corporations that have extensive resources and fancy budgets for marketing and sales.

International B2B business plan

We prepare business plans for entrepreneurs and B2B software startups and companies that are planning or have already started international activities.


Financing Your International Activities

Taking your first few steps to develop markets abroad in order to compete internationally requires a certain amount of investment.

Scouting for Israeli startups

Are you looking to Invest in the next hot technology? here are some of our services that will help you


Beam Global ‘s professional and thoroughness working process with me and with all other professional industry leaders and market players  I have obtained exactly what I needed in the area of B2B software marketing.

Thank you.

Founder and CEO – SmartID

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