Checking Your International Readiness

Are you ready to market your product abroad?

The possibilities of B2B marketing abroad are far beyond our imagination, and can potentially yield numerous customers, resulting in a significant boost to your business. However, attempting to enter these markets also poses considerable obstacles and risks.

The International marketing readiness test we created, a crucial part of a company’s business strategy, is a process of assessing whether a company, an enterprise , a product, or a service are ready for international activity. The objective of the assessment is to minimize the risk, increase the chance of success, and plan the right actions to prepare for this endeavor.

  • Feasibility check to determine if your business is ready to market its products abroad
  • Gathering information through customers, industry leaders, exhibitions, and market research.
  • Readiness evaluation of investment and risk vs. return when marketing your business abroad
  • Strategic planning and identifying the specific market and the right product/s
  • Gap analysis for completing product development, regulation, logistics, resource planning, production and legal aspects
  • Helps you determine whether you should market internationally
  • Saves resources on international marketing by proper planning
  • Increases your chance of success through a detailed readiness plan for marketing abroad
  • Base your decisions on facts rather than on guesstimates and unfounded assumptions
  • Make smart strategic critical decisions regarding products for export and target territories

International Marketing Strategy and Planning

Do you have a marketing plan and know how to reach your potential customers?

Understanding your business and product characteristics, your target markets abroad, your industry trends and the competition, will help you plan your go-to-market, budget your B2B marketing efforts, and reach your prospective customers effectively, while also reducing time-to-market.

Creating a solid marketing strategy and marketing plan require that you pinpoint your target customers while also defining your value proposition and unique selling points. Accordingly, you can determine your international marketing objectives and sales targets, establish a go-to-market plan and a reasonable budget.

  • Researching and assessing the market’s characteristics, size, potential and industry trends
  • Mapping out key market players including industry leaders, consultants, competitors and distributors
  • Pinpointing relevant regions and market segments or verticals with highest chance of success
  • Establishing “buyer persona” profiles including prospective customer attributes
  • Determining marketing goals, including revenues, profits, market share and customer acquisition
  • Preparing a ‘go-to-market’ strategy, specifying how you will meet your marketing and sales goals
  • Defining company positioning and USP (unique selling proposition)
  • Defining exactly your product or service
  • Setting up pricing models
  • Defining sales channels and assigning distributors
  • Defining marketing and communication channels, and marketing tools
  • Incorporating digital channels, tools and social media in the marketing plan
  • Step-by-step work plan with action items and target dates
  • Establishing a marketing budget
  • Base decisions on facts and professional analysis, not on gut feelings
  • Focus on target customers in a specific market segment to achieve successful, cost-effective marketing, and reduce time-to-market
  • Ability to compete with large international companies that have vast resources
  • Ability to compete with companies that operate locally in your target markets, and that sell products tailored to those local markets at relatively low prices
  • Establish written marketing content, highlighting your product’s benefits and company’s positioning and synchronize marketing messages with your target customer needs
  • Get a work plan in place, ready for immediate implementation
  • Budget your marketing expenses, matching them to your marketing goals to avoid wasted resources.

Establishing a B2B Marketing and Sales Infrastructure

Competing with global companies that have vast B2B marketing resources

It can be challenging to compete with global corporations that have extensive resources and fancy budgets for B2B marketing and sales. That’s why, in order for a small company to gain maximum international exposure and to project a global profile, it’s essential first to devise a comprehensive marketing scheme.

In global marketing choosing the right B2B marketing channels, preparing high-quality marketing materials and sales tools, and monitoring traffic, are critical for gaining visibility, increasing lead-generation, and positioning you as a professional company in the big leagues.

  • Preparing professional marketing and sales tools for your global marketing activities
  • Planning top-notch company presentations and demos
  • Combining digital and online channels to gain an optimal marketing mix
  • Creating a website that generates leads and positions you as a market leader
  • Defining calls-to-action and landing pages
  • Leveraging social media to publish your content, generate leads, and locate distributors
  • Keyword research
  • PPC campaigns on AdWords, Bing, and LinkedIn
  • Lead nurturing to establish relationships with potential customers and get them to purchase your product
  • PR (public relations) planning and management
  • Preparing and publishing marketing content
  • Selecting trade shows and leveraging them for gaining leads, partnerships, and brand recognition
  • Using Google analytics and other digital tools to monitor and optimize your online activities
  • Effective marketing tools that project a global, professional and successful company
  • Top-quality, stimulating demos and presentations that prompt immediate responses
  • Generate traffic to your website, create engagement, and reduce bounce rate
  • Obtain more qualitative leads
  • Attract and recruit distributors with a higher profile level and support their activities
  • Steer your marketing efforts according to market trends and customer feedback
  • Gather smart business intelligence that yields diversified business opportunities
  • Pinpoint new marketing channels to match your marketing strategy

Breaking into the International Market with an Outsourced Sales Executive

How to establish your global market beachhead and build a sales funnel?

The fastest way to penetrate the global market and to succeed in B2B sales is when other international customers recommend your products and services. To get those first happy customers, using the services of an outsourced sales executive and marketing consultant is one the smartest moves you can make to create an effective sales funnel, while avoiding the hefty expense of a full-time sales director.

In order to enter the global sphere you must first define your market beachhead to target your first few clients within the selected segments and territories. A seasoned outsourced sales executive and marketing consultant will lead your beachhead strategy utilizing his B2B marketing expertise, sales tactics, and a vast professional network, to generate your first leads, grow your sales funnel, and convert prospects into paying customers.

  • Generate leads
  • Locate potential customers, which are early adopters or strategic and are likely to become your first customers
  • Engage with thought leaders, analysts, and consultants
  • Join and leverage professional organizations
  • Prepare and lead your first meetings by upgrading your presentation and product demos to international standards
  • Align your B2B sales process with the buyer’s journey
  • Manage the complex process of a B2B sale, identify the decision makers and create clear messages that stimulate interest in your product.
  • International business development according to the market players mapping and opportunities
  • Establishing an effective sales funnel
  • Closing the first deals
  • Impressive presentations and meetings on an international level, considerably increasing sales closures
  • Collaborating with key market players and identifying growth opportunities
  • Positioning your company as a professional , innovative and globally-notable in your industry
  • Enhancing customer’s perceived value proposition, and adjusting your prices accordingly
  • Penetrating international markets using a low budget, compatible with the company’s early growth stage
  • Matching the required service to your company needs according to growth stage, founder’s personality, budget, business environment, and predefined timeline
  • Outsourced sales executive who serves as the company’s official sales director, equipped with your company business card and company email address.
  • Avoid paying a salary of a sales director

Choosing Distributors and Channel Partners

How can you locate and choose the top distributors in your industry?

When conducting sales abroad, many B2B companies need to develop their sales channels using distributors, strategic business partners or other channel partners. Locating highly-reputable distributors that are most suitable to your company, understanding their interests, and leveraging their experience to your benefit are essential for your success in the international sales arena.

Locating and selecting the right distributor and channel partner in a foreign country is a difficult challenge. Be sure to use effective channels to search and quickly pinpoint top candidates and thoroughly select the ones, who will represent your product positively and will achieve rapid results.

  • Establishing a relevant distributor or business partner profile
  • Locating distributors through our global business network or proprietary and proven search channels
  • Meeting with potential qualified distributors
  • Evaluating skills, business network and commitment level to identify the best candidates
  • Introducing the company and its business model, and conducting product demos
  • Negotiating a distribution contract
  • Onboarding, matching expectations, training and managing your distributors’ network
  • Preparing marketing and sales tools for distributors
  • Offering incentives and establish a solid business relationship to motivate your distributors
  • Monitoring and evaluating distributor performance
  • Recruiting more distributors and expanding your distribution channels
  • Nominating distributors suitable to your industry, your product, and to your business goals
  • Time invested in establishing and training a network of partners will pay off in the long-run
  • Avoid wasting resources on unsuitable distributors
  • Ensuring lucrative distribution contracts for the company
  • Selecting and training highly-motivated and committed distributors
  • Referring any generated leads to your distributors
  • Equipping your distributors with effective marketing tools for selling your product
  • Monitoring distributor activities and achievements
  • Increasing sales and growing the company
  • Pay for this service based on actual measurable activities and results

International business plan for B2B software companies and startups

Who needs a business plan?

We prepare business plans for entrepreneurs and B2B software startups and companies that are planning or have already started international activities and are in one or more of the following stages:

  • B2B software companies that are well-established locally and are gearing towards penetration into international markets
  • Startups and companies that plan to develop a new product, which its scope and target market is yet to be defined
  • Companies with a product which is already being sold but are looking to enter to a new field or industry
  • Companies that are planning a strategic move such as the transition from B2C to B2B or changing their sales or marketing channels
  • Companies which are already active in the global markets but are experiencing a crisis or sales stagnation
  • Companies looking for investments for any of the aforementioned scenarios
  • Executive summary
  • Company overview
    • Company status
    • Products overview
    • Founders and management
    • Customer base
    • Business status analysis
  • The need or problem
  • The solution
    • Product outline
    • How does it work
    • Technology / patent / IP
    • Benefits
  • The market
    • Market definition and characteristics
    • Market segments/verticals analysis
    • Market Size
    • Geographical analysis
    • Trends
    • Barriers
    • Market players and eco system outline
  • Competitive analysis
    • Analysis by competitors type
    • Estimated revenues and employees
    • Products outline
    • Clients type analysis
    • Positioning and USP (Unique Selling Proposition)
    • Pricing
    • Sales channels
    • Marketing channels and activities
  • Business and marketing strategy and analysis
    • Porter or PESTLE Analysis
    • SWOT analysis
    • Target customers
    • Buyer personas
    • Go-to-market strategy and target countries
    • Positioning and USP(Unique Selling Proposition)
    • The marketing mix
      • Product – scope and required functionality
      • Price – B2B software pricing and the business model
      • Place –sales channels
      • Promotion – marketing channels and activities
    • HR, development, operations and working plan
    • Financials
      • HR, development and general expenses
      • Marketing and sales expenses
      • Sales targets and forecast
      • Projected profit & loss:
      • Investment sought
  • Adjusted to the business environment of B2B software companies
  • Focus in companies and startups who want to reach international markets
  • Adjusted to startups and new products whose domains and industries may be unclear
  • The plan is very thorough and is intended not only for investors but also for internal use, including:
    • Pointing out on business opportunities
    • New insights on the market
    • Research and usage of professional and industry jargon
    • Operational working plan – ready for immediate execution
    • Infrastructure for deriving marketing outputs (website, brochures, etc.)
  • Strong marketing focus which is beyond manipulation of financial data

Financing Your Global Marketing Activities

How much funding do you need for your international marketing efforts?

Taking your first few steps to develop markets abroad in order to compete internationally requires a certain amount of investment. It is important not only to estimate the amount of capital required to execute your plans, but also to secure sufficient funding.

There are several different available funding channels from which you can choose, whether local or foreign governmental funds and grants, private investors, or venture capital funds.

  • Choosing the most suitable funding channel
  • Developing a business plan
  • Writing an executive summary
  • Preparing and conducting investor presentations
  • Preparing and submitting marketing plans and grant applications, including to “Smart Money”, Shlav, The Office of the Chief Scientist or to the European research and innovation grants such as Horizon 2020
  • Obtain funding from the best channels
  • Marketing plan preparation adapted to the “Smart Money” program
  • Stand out among your business competitors when conducting presentations to investors
  • Increase your chance of impressing the potential investors and financing authorities
  • Raise your company’s business value
  • Match your budget with your marketing goals

Scouting for Israeli Technological Start-ups

Have you already located the next up-and-coming Israeli startup?

Known as the ‘startup nation’ of high-tech, Israel is a habitat for game-changing cutting-edge innovations, in which many leading global companies and brands have already invested billions. If you are looking to tap into Israel’s local skills and knowhow, make sure to first speak with an expert who is highly familiar with the local technological scene.

While it may seem tempting to invest or partner with an emerging Israeli company, before you make any decision about a particular technology, you should consult with an expert who has a finger on the pulse, with a deep understanding of the local business scene, and who can provide valuable insights into the company in question.

  • An experienced scout for new Israeli high-tech start-ups, for investment or partnering
  • Locating and evaluating Israeli target companies and their solutions, technologies, management and local references
  • Managing all the communication required for conducting joint business and finalizing a business agreement
  • Excellent communicator, fluent in English, Hebrew and Spanish
  • Handling the commercialization of new product lines
  • Enhance your existing product offering and gain a competitive edge with break-through Israeli technologies
  • Receive in-depth information about recommended top-picks, selected from a vast number of companies
  • An opportunity, as a foreign company, to penetrate the Israeli market

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