Financing your global marketing activities

How much funding do you need for your international marketing efforts?

Financing your global marketing activities

Taking your first few steps to develop markets abroad in order to compete internationally requires a certain amount of investment. It is important not only to estimate the amount of capital required to execute your plans, but also to secure sufficient funding.

There are several different available funding channels from which you can choose, whether local or foreign governmental funds and grants, private investors, or venture capital funds.

When applying for funding of any type, here’s what is required:

  • Choosing the most suitable funding channel
  • Developing a business plan
  • Writing an executive summary
  • Preparing and conducting investor presentations
  • Preparing and submitting marketing plans and grant applications, including to “Smart Money”, the Office of the Chief Scientist or to the European research and innovation grants such as Horizon 2020


  • Obtain funding from the best channels
  • Marketing plan preparation adapted to the “Smart Money” program
  • Stand out among your business competitors when conducting presentations to investors
  • Increase your chance of impressing the potential investors and financing authorities
  • Raise your company’s business value
  • Match your budget with your marketing goals