Scouting for Israeli technological startups

Have you already located the next up-and-coming Israeli startup?

Scouting for Israeli technological companies and startups - a marketing consultant

Known as the ‘startup nation’ of high-tech, Israel is a habitat for game-changing cutting-edge innovations, in which many leading global companies and brands have already invested billions. If you are looking to tap into Israel’s local skills and knowhow, make sure to first speak with an expert who is highly familiar with the local technological scene.

While it may seem tempting to invest or partner with an emerging Israeli company, before you make any decision about a particular technology, you should consult with an expert who has a finger on the pulse, with a deep understanding of the local business scene, and who can provide valuable insights into the company in question.

If you’re looking to invest in the next hot technology, here are some services that will help you:

  • An experienced scout for new Israeli high-tech start-ups, for investment or partnering
  • Locating and evaluating Israeli target companies and their solutions, technologies, management and local references
  • Managing all the communication required for conducting joint business and finalizing a business agreement
  • Excellent communicator, fluent in English, Hebrew and Spanish
  • Handling the commercialization of new product lines


  • Enhance your existing product offering and gain a competitive edge with break-through Israeli technologies
  • Receive in-depth information about recommended top-picks, selected from a vast number of companies
  • An opportunity, as a foreign company, to penetrate the Israeli market