International marketing readiness test

Are you ready to market your product abroad?

International marketing readiness test and B2N marketing

The possibilities of B2B marketing abroad are far beyond our imagination, and can potentially yield numerous customers, resulting in a significant boost to your business. However, attempting to enter these markets also poses considerable obstacles and risks.

The International marketing readiness test, a crucial part of a company’s business strategy, is a process of assessing whether a company, an enterprise , a product, or a service are ready for international activity. The objective of the assessment is to minimize the risk, increase the chance of success, and plan the right actions to prepare for this endeavor.

The global readiness test includes:

  • Feasibility check to determine if your business is ready to market its products abroad
  • Gathering information through customers, industry leaders, exhibitions, and market research.
  • Readiness evaluation of investment and risk vs. return when marketing your business abroad
  • Strategic planning and identifying the specific market and the right product/s
  • Gap analysis for completing product development, regulation, logistics, resource planning, production and legal aspects


  • Helps you determine whether you should market internationally
  • Saves resources on international marketing by proper planning
  • Increases your chance of success through a detailed readiness plan for marketing abroad
  • Base your decisions on facts rather than on guesstimates and unfounded assumptions
  • Make smart strategic critical decisions regarding products for export and target territories