Locating and Choosing Distributors and Channel Partners

How can you locate and choose the top distributors in your industry?

Locating and choosing your distributor and sales channels

When conducting sales abroad, many B2B companies need to develop their sales channels using distributors, strategic business partners or other channel partners. Locating highly-reputable distributors that are most suitable to your company, understanding their interests, and leveraging their experience to your benefit are essential for your success in the international sales arena.

Locating and selecting the right distributor and channel partner in a foreign country is a difficult challenge. Be sure to use effective channels to search and  quickly pinpoint top candidates and thoroughly select the ones, who will represent your product positively and will achieve rapid results.

This selection process should include:

  • Establishing a relevant distributor or business partner profile
  • Locating distributors through our global business network or proprietary and proven search channels
  • Meeting with potential qualified distributors
  • Evaluating skills, business network and commitment level to identify the best candidates
  • Introducing the company and its business model, and conducting product demos
  • Negotiating a distribution contract
  • Onboarding, matching expectations, training and managing your distributors’ network
  • Preparing marketing and sales tools for distributors
  • Offering incentives and establish a solid business relationship to motivate your distributors
  • Monitoring and evaluating distributor performance


  • Recruiting more distributors and expanding your distribution channels
  • Nominating distributors suitable to your industry, your product, and to your business goals
  • Time invested in establishing and training a network of partners will pay off in the long-run
  • Avoid wasting resources on unsuitable distributors
  • Ensuring lucrative distribution contracts for the company
  • Selecting and training highly-motivated and committed distributors
  • Referring any generated leads to your distributors
  • Equipping your distributors with effective marketing tools for selling your product
  • Monitoring distributor activities and achievements
  • Increasing sales and growing the company
  • Pay for this service based on actual measurable activities and results