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The Paradise of Software Companies

The purpose of this paper is to encourage entrepreneurs, who are interested in entering a new venture and develop a product in the software field as well as founders and directors in existing software companies, who are coping with rather difficult sales challenges in general and international sales in particular – and show them the bright side. Some of the following complaints by many software companies may sound familiar to you: The potential customers show no initial interest in the [...]

Exhibition CEBIT 2018 – to prepare in Hebrew and present in Germany

Exhibitions and conferences have been, and surprisingly are still one of the common B2B marketing channels CEBIT 2018 changes format and turns into a stage for innovation in the field of information security as well. This year, the exhibition moved to the month of June and is held in a new format, turning into a huge festival of digital innovation. Accordingly, the security zone will be particularly large. What some the Israeli companies do not know is that the exhibition has [...]